Thursday, January 24, 2019

How SG Assist Started

All efforts start out by identifying a problem. At SG Assist, we’re tackling a problem we face in our everyday lives: our failure to care for our loved ones when they need us the most.

Do you have an elderly parent living on their own? What about a family member with a chronic disease who cannot afford to leave the house? Maybe you’ve had to rush home from work to resolve an emergency, potentially wasting hundreds of dollars on transportation, or risking unemployment by leaving work early or taking too many days off. Not only that, but your relatives worry that they’re a burden on you, even if that’s not the case.

Your greatest fear is a phone call telling you that something has happened to the one you love most, and you aren’t there to help them.

These are the situations we've faced. That’s why we created SG Assist.

SG Assist connects you with “Kampong Heroes” who, at your request, will ensure the wellbeing of your family members by checking on them at home. These community volunteers will assess their mental and physical health using questionnaires specially designed by social workers and medical professionals. In the coming months, SG Assist will implement telemedicine, care transport, and hands-on workshops for our volunteers so that you and your family benefit from the human touch of warm-hearted caregivers from your very own neighbourhood.

We understand your difficulties. We have felt your pain. We WANT to help.

Want to use the SG Assist app to care for your family? Or do you want to take on the role of a Kampong Hero? Visit our website today at to find out more.

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